Brad + Abbe

This wedding was different for me because I was also invited to attend as a guest, before I was hired as the photographer. Brad happens to be my long time boyfriend’s older brother. With a family of 3 brothers, Abbe and I have learned to stick together when the family reunites. I’ve known these two since I started seeing Mitch way back in the high school years and they were the cool older couple in college.

As we all got older, Brad and Abbe got engaged and I still remember being with Mitch when Brad called to tell him he had popped the question which led to me violently whispering interrogationsĀ that Mitch deflected, he isn’t the sentimental type like I am.

Fast forward to Christmas and Brad and Abbe trusted me to take their Save the Date photos. This was back when I was still learning my way around my old Canon Rebel T4i and I remember thinking, “Man, I really want to photograph this wedding” but of course, I didn’t say that out loud. I mean, I was just a college student with a camera and an impossible dream.

Boy was I wrong. To say I was honored is the biggest understatement. The fact that Brad and Abbe asked me to photograph their wedding was a huge milestone for me. To me, it signified that I have grown and bettered my work enough that people I consider my family would trust my work. You always hear people say they don’t want to work with family, but I think it’s the ultimate sign of approval.

This wedding day was full of elegance, class, and love. The day started with a mimosa bar for the girls and a beer and BBQ for the boys, that’s how you just KNOW it’s a good wedding. I had a blast spending the day with such incredible people and I made some new friends along the way. Brad and Abbe, here’s to you!

Joseph + Megan

Megan and Joseph are probably two of the kindest peopleĀ I have had the pleasure of photographing. I can’t even count how many times Megan asked ME if I needed anything throughout the day, on HER wedding day! How sweet is she?!

These two are the epitome of what it means to be in love. Their whole day was full of smiles and giddiness that I can only one day hope to feel firsthand. The entire day was so much fun and I even had to put my camera down for a song or two and get on the dance floor with the bridesmaids.

Congratulations to you both, YOU’RE MARRIED!!!